Top Car April 2012
topCar April 2012
English | 148 pages | HQ PDF | 119.00 Mb
Linux Journal USA March 2012 P2P
Linux Journal USA March 2012-P2P
English | 118 pages | HQ PDF | 88.00 Mb
Autosport Magazine 2012 03 01 English PDF [Optiflex]

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Mark McCormack On Selling

Mark McCormack On Selling
English | Mp3 | 220kbps | 44100hz | 2 Channel | 136Mb

McCormack is one of the most articulate and down-to-earth speakers on what it takes to succeed in a business that involves selling. He talks about finding and keeping customers in terms your grandmother would understand, and does so with a sense of personal authority and comfort that holds your attention. He goes over the steps that every salesperson must master to connect with people, and is a genius at spelling out the internal principles and attitudes that distinguish really good salespeople from also-rans. Very enjoyable listening start to finish, and a wealth of insights that few other sales audios offer in one program.

Synthetic Diamond Films: Preparation, Electrochemistry, Characterization and Applications

Synthetic Diamond Films: Preparation, Electrochemistry, Characterization and Applications
Publisher: W,..,ey | 2011 | ISBN: 0470487585 | 680 pages | PDF | 124 MB
The Sustainable World
The Sustainable World By C. A. Brebbia
Publisher: [WI]T Pre./ss 2010 | 816 Pages | ISBN: 1845645049 | PDF | 17.81 MB

This book contains a collection of papers presented at a series of meetings organized by the Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) dealing with sustainability, the environment and ecological issues. The complexity of the modern world presents new challenges to scientists and engineers that requires finding interdisciplinary solutions.

Social Indicators: Statistics, Trends and Policy Development
Candace M. Baird, "Social Indicators: Statistics, Trends and Policy Development"
N,,,a S..nce | 2011 | ISBN: 1611228417 | 182 pages | PDF | 2,3 MB

Social indicators measure the quality of life and encompass the whole spectrum of society, including the individual, public and private organisations, municipal, country, regional, national and international systems. This book presents topical research in the study of social indicators from across the globe. Some topics discussed in this compilation include social scientific metrology as the mediator between sociology and socionomy; discretionary time and freely disposable time as social indicators of welfare, poverty and freedoms; and, socioeconomic status and the incidence of illness and social capital.

Harvard Business Review The First 90 Days Critic

Harvard Business Review The First 90 Days Critic
English | Mp3 | 220kbps | 48000hz | ISBN-10: 1591391105 | 461Mb

Fully a quarter of all managers in major corporations enter new leadership roles each year. Whether their assignments involve leading a work group or taking over a company as CEO, they face very similar challenges--and risks--in those critical first months on the job. How new leaders manage their transitions can make all the difference between success and failure.In this hands-on guide, Michael Watkins, a noted expert on leadership transitions, offers proven strategies for moving successfully into a new role at any point in one's career. Concise and practical, The First 90 Days walks managers through every aspect of the transition, from mental preparation to forging the right alliances to securing critical early wins. Through vivid examples of success and failure at all levels, Watkins identifies the most common pitfalls new leaders encounter and provides tools and strategies for how to avoid them.

Cellulase: Types and Action, Mechanism, and Uses
Adam E. Golan, "Cellulase: Types and Action, Mechanism, and Uses"
N a Science | 2011 | ISBN: 1617619833 | 306 pages | PDF | 9,93 MB

Cellulase refers to a class of enzymes produced chiefly by fungi, bacteria, and protozoans that catalyse the cellulolysis (or hydrolysis) of cellulose. The enormous potential that cellulases have in biotechnology is the driving force for continuous basic and applied research on these biocatalysts from fungi and bacteria. Cellulases are found in many fields, such as animal feeding, brewery and wine, food, textile and laundry, pulp and paper products. The growing interest toward the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into fermentable sugars has generated an additional request for cellulases and their related enzymes. This book presents research in the study of cellulase, including biotechnological applications of microbial cellulases; using agro-industrial by-products as raw material for cellulase production; and, the enzyme saccharification of cereal crop residues using dilute alkali pre-treatment.