The Secret Life of Science How It Really Works and Why It Matters [Audiobook]

Jeremy J. Baumberg, Rory Barnett (Narrator), "The Secret Life of Science: How It Really Works and Why It Matters"
ASIN: B07FMGJ4BD | 2018 | kbps | ~09:07:00 | 273 MB

The Case Against Impeaching Trump [Audiobook]

The Case Against Impeaching Trump [Audiobook] by Alan Dershowitz
English | July 9, 2018 | ASIN: B07F93SNCQ, ISBN: 1978647123 | kbps | 5 hrs 10 mins | 142 MB
Narrator: Lawrence Richardson

Organized Crime A Very Short Introduction [Audiobook]

Organized Crime: A Very Short Introduction [Audiobook] by Georgios A. Antonopoulos, Georgios Papanicolaou
English | July 20th, 2018 | ASIN: B07FCPBBDH, ISBN: 1515931269 | kbps | 4 hrs 29 mins | 123.64 MB
Narrator: Steven Crossley
For many people around the world, instances of what is described as organized crime may be part of their everyday experience; in their neighborhoods, their streets, and the places they work and live. Policymakers, law enforcement, and the media rarely fail to bring up the issue when discussing the nature and seriousness of contemporary criminal threats, and the appropriate responses toward them. Many more people are familiar with the notion of organized crime, as the film and TV industry regularly draw on fictional and real figures and situations.

Influencer [Audiobook]

Influencer [Audiobook] by Brittany Hennessy
English | July 31st, 2018 | ASIN: B07BCCL57H, ISBN: 1538547252 | kbps | 4 hrs 31 mins | 124.46 MB
Narrator: Brittany Hennessy
If you've ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and thought, I wear clothes, eat avocado toast and like sunsets. Why can't someone pay me to live my best life? this book is for you.

I Can't Date Jesus Love, Sex, Family, Race, and Other Reasons I've Put My Faith in Beyonce [Audiobook]

Michael Arceneaux (Author, Narrator), "I Can't Date Jesus: Love, Sex, Family, Race, and Other Reasons I've Put My Faith in Beyonce"
ASIN: B07D93S5B9, ISBN: 1508267723 | 2018 | kbps | ~06:09:00 | 175 MB

Discovering Great Plays [Audiobook]

Discovering Great Plays [Audiobook] by Leonard Peikoff, Marlene Trollope
English | August 1st, 2018 | ASIN: B07FPR1BNF, ISBN: 1538543591 | kbps | 13 hrs 49 mins | 380.03 MB
Narrator: Robertson Dean
Based on a series of lectures by Leonard Peikoff and edited by Marlene Trollope, Discovering Great Plays provides the ability to understand, judge, and savor the values offered by great drama. Listeners will discover Description-theme as the key to a play; see Antigone as a great heroine and Iago as the darkest villain in literature; learn about the Cornelian hero; see how Schiller's "Grand Inquisitor" scene is the most dramatic and philosophic in all of theater; and discover Shaw's brilliance in presenting the genius against society.

Crystal Night, 1938 Nazi Pogrom or Zionist Scheme An Investigative Analysis [Audiobook]

J. A. Sexton, Weronika Kuzniar, Laurence Lukas (Narrator), "Crystal Night, 1938: Nazi Pogrom or Zionist Scheme?: An Investigative Analysis (Powerwolf Publications)"
ASIN: B07FN5VVQ6 | 2018 | kbps | ~06:17:00 | 179 MB

An Almost Perfect Christmas [Audiobook]

An Almost Perfect Christmas [Audiobook] by Nina Stibbe
English | November 2nd, 2017 | ASIN: B075H3H3YQ | kbps | 3 hrs 36 mins | 99.42 MB
Narrator: Nina Stibbe
Penguin presents the audiobook edition of An Almost Perfect Christmas, written and read by Nina Stibbe.

A Woman on the Edge of Time A Son Investigates His Trailblazing Mother's Young Suicide [Audiobook]

A Woman on the Edge of Time: A Son Investigates His Trailblazing Mother's Young Suicide [Audiobook] by Jeremy Gavron
English | September 20th, 2016 | ASIN: B01LQQT3I6, ISBN: 1721332200 | kbps | 7 hrs 27 mins | 205.08 MB
Narrator: Gerard Doyle
A son's search for his mother, a feminist pioneer - and a casualty of her time.

Mastering Windows Server 2016

Mastering Windows Server 2016
by Brian Svidergol and Vladimir Meloski
English | 2018 | ISBN: 1119404975 | 609 Pages | True PDF | 26 MB