Painkiller: Reload v3.0.1.1 (2012/MULTi2/Lossless Repack by UnSlayeR)

Painkiller: Reload v3.0.1.1 (2012/MULTi2/Lossless Repack by UnSlayeR) | 6.25 GB
Year: 2012 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: Havcom | Publisher: Havcom
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Throughout the long 4 years created a mod for Paine. In its creation, trying to combine the best of what I saw in all the username, after Payne BOOH. New "Design" menu, the new HUD in several variants (only fonts), updated levels (corrected a lot kasyak), a new weapon 15 trunks in the arsenal - of which are already known from the original seven guns and 6 of Overdose + HellGun, which I rewrote the script (you will be pleasantly surprised to see what he was shooting) and bonus weapons, which I called DevastatorRG. The same litany of shotgun only alpha version in a new guise, and with the raw texture (by the way is no longer a shotgun). for certain types of weapons have been added to the combo shots. The game will be even more fun for wacky levels of Redemption.
Orcs Must Die Game of The Year Edition-PROPHET

Orcs Must Die Game of The Year Edition-PROPHET | 2.25 GB
Year: 2011 | PC Games | Developer : Robot Entertainment | Publisher : Robot Entertainment
Language : Eng / Fr / Ger / Ita / Spa / Jap / Pol / Por / Rus
Genre : Action / Strategy (Real-time) / 3D / 3rd Person

Slice them, burn them, skewer them, and launch them no matter how you get it done, orcs must die in this fantasy action-strategy game from Robot Entertainment.As a powerful War Mage with dozens of deadly weapons, spells, and traps at your fingertips, defend twenty-four fortresses from a rampaging mob of beastly enemies, including ogres, hellbats, and of course, a whole bunch of ugly orcs. Battle your enemies through a story-based campaign across multiple difficulty levels, including brutal Nightmare mode!Will you roast orcs in pits of lava, pound them flat with a ceiling trap, or freeze and shatter them with a slash? No matter the weapons and traps you choose, youre sure to have an orc-killing blast!
A Game of Dwarves *PROPER* - FLT

A Game of Dwarves *PROPER* - FLT | 1.42 GB
Year: 2013 | PC | Eng Ger | Developer: Zeal Game Studio | Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Genre: Strategy / Casual

A Game of Dwarves - real-time strategy with the need to manage an ever-evolving settlement dwarfs. In addition to training management, the player is required to protect the borders of the village from the attacks of various monsters that inhabit in the dark depths. With the development, the gnomes have access to new skills and buildings, which are required for the construction of more rare materials. You can get them only gone deeper into the bowels of the earth. But dig deeper, the more stronger monsters come across on the way, so you have to constantly keep in mind about the improvement of the army.
rysis 3 PS3 (2013/MULTi2/RePacked by Afd) [2DVD5]

rysis 3 PS3 (2013/MULTi2/RePacked by Afd) [2DVD5] | 5.36 GB
Year: 2013 | PS3 | Code disc: NPUB-30757 | Developer: Crytek | Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: First-Person Action

Crysis 3 continues the famous series of shooters from Crytek. The game is set in 2047, but you have to play the role of the Prophet. He returned to New York, where he learns that the city is under a dome Nanodome, which was established corporation CELL Residents report that Nanodome necessary for their protection and cleaning of the metropolis last tsefov, but, in fact, its construction is part of a covert operation to capture technology for world domination.

Donning improved Nanosuit and armed with a deadly bow and destructive alien technology

Prophet will prevent the insidious plans CELL and destroy the remaining aliens.
The Tiny Bang Story MULTi3-PROPHET

The Tiny Bang Story MULTi3-PROPHET | 175.1MB
Year: 2011 | English | PC | Developer: Colibri Games | Publisher: Lace Mamba Global
Genre: Adventure

The Tiny Bang Story - 2D quest is a drawing in a beautiful world. The plot is built around a small incident which occurred on a small planet (the player will pass on the entire planet as the game progresses). In a game of first-person combined classical mechanics and quest elements of mechanics, "I'm looking for, also in the game a lot of mini-games puzzles.
Zero-G Urban Definition MULTiFORMAT DVD9

Zero-G Urban Definition MULTiFORMAT DVD9 | 3.7 GB

Zero-G and Xfonic present URBAN DEFINTION - This dual layer DVD set from Zero-G is a massive, deluxe-quality sample library which fits every urban producer's requirements.
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 13.0

Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 13.0 | 516.6 MB

Maximize efficiency with the most flexible version of QuickBooks. Your clients' business finances are complex; QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 13.0 has the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs. Welcome to the next big step for your clients.
Intuit QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2013

Intuit QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2013 | 511.3 MB

The most popular version of America's #1 small business financial software helps you save time and get more organized. New features show you exactly where your business stands and save you time so you can focus on your business: Organize your finances all in one place, Manage customer, vendor, and employee data, Save money-track every dollar in and out.
Catia PLM Express V6 R2013x ISO-SSQ

Catia PLM Express V6 R2013x ISO-SSQ | DVD1-CLIENT: 4.19GB | DVD2-DOCUMENTATION: 1.62GB | DVD3-SERVER: 2.89GB

CATIA PLM Express is mapped to industry and job-related needs so that you can easily take your first steps towards achieving business transformation through PLM. You can rapidly and easily define the solution that matches your business needs, embarking on the expressway to immediate deployment time reduction and rapid return on investment critical efficiencies for all businesses, regardless of the industry.
Studiolinkedvst Platinum Hits 3 Kontakt Scd Dvd9-SONiTUS | February 2013

Studiolinkedvst Platinum Hits 3 Kontakt Scd Dvd9-SONiTUS | February 2013 | 3.46GB

The Platinum Hit 3 takes a new approach to sound design. Platinum hit 3 comes with an impressive stock library of instruments. Finally a library has successfully delievered that Big Brass sound that is common in young Jeezy records, Bells like meek mill, Synth pads like drake, and chord progressions like Chris brown.